About the Author – Part 2

My Geek Interests

My interests are wide and varied and include:

  • reading SF literature, comics, and lots of factual stuff (science, history, computers, web design, DTP and graphics)
  • watching sci-fi films and television series
  • listening to and collecting music – very handy for my lifelong hobby as a DJ, as I already had a huge music collection before I started
  • obsessive computer user – since the mid-1980\’s
  • even more obsessive internet user – since the end of 1995 – takes up about 8-10 hours of my daily routine these days
  • socializing – I still like the occasional nice night out in the pub or at a disco with my mates
  • chilling at home with my family and friends

Music, reading (mostly SF and comics, but increasingly big amounts of factual stuff as I got older), writing, and watching TV and films (mostly sci-fi, but lots of other stuff too) have all been lifelong interests, since I was a tiny little nipper.

Computers didn\’t happen until my mid-20s, and the internet until my mid-30s, but they are both now the biggest drain on my time, although the music has kept pace, as I listen to a lot of it when I\’m on my computer. But the computer/internet have eaten badly into my once prodigious reading time. I used to spend 6-8 hours a day reading. Since the internet became my main obsession, the reading is down to about an hour a day, if not less.

My big interests on the computer are web design, blogging, writing, animation, graphics, DTP and computer music, although Facebook/social networking have become a major addiction in recent years. The old style forums used to be my big obsession, and I still prefer them. But they are sadly no longer as popular now, as social networking has become more the \”in\” thing in recent years.

Pretty much all of my interests fall under the \”geek\” heading, so I guess I\’ve always been eccentric (very eccentric), definitely what you might refer to as a geek or a nerd. And proud of it! 🙂


2 responses to “About the Author – Part 2”

  1. Robert Gillespie avatar
    Robert Gillespie

    And an example for the rest of us. Proud to be your friend.

    1. Phil Friel avatar
      Phil Friel

      Likewise Robert. We’ve been great friends since we were kiddies, all those centuries ago, and hopefully we’ll hang out together in that great big SF bookshop in the sky when we both eventually shuffle off this Mortal Coil (I really hope they serve some Crabbies up there, or I’ll be well and truly narked off).

      It’s nice to see your pixels on here at last, as it’s almost an extension of our Real Life discussions on SF. You should definitely drop by here more often.

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