If You Can\’t Stand the Heat…

Man, it is hot, really hot. We\’ve had several days of scorching sunshine and high temperatures that are definitely not the norm in this usually damp and miserable part of the world.

And I am suffering in this heat, like all overweight people tend to do in soaring temperatures. I\’m sizzling like a large banger cooking under a grill. Every window and door in the house is wide open, and it\’s still too freakin\’ hot! I\’m reminded of the old saying \”If you can\’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen\” – well, I\’m nowhere near the kitchen, and the temperature hasn\’t gone down any. Short of climbing into the freezer for a few days, there\’s no escaping it.

So I\’m sitting at my computer, cooking in my own juices, and blasting rock music loudly on the hi-fi – \”Shadow King\” by the group of the same name (with ex-Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm and ex-Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell). Not a bad album. It\’s the weather for cold drinks, ice cream and music, with a computer thrown in for good luck. Whatta way to live!…

Might as well enjoy the sun while it lasts, which won\’t be long. We\’re lucky to get a couple of weeks of bright sunshine per year. Next time I post, it\’ll probably be back to wet and miserable again… (moan, gripe, bitch…)







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