Cassini Finds Another Saturnian Moon

So the Cassini mission has found another moon orbiting Saturn? That brings the total of moons around the ringed planet up to a total of sixty. Sixty moons! Sounds mighty impressive, doesn\’t it?

It\’s a little \’un, only a rock, really, at a mere 2km (1.2 miles) in diameter. That\’s 4-5 times smaller than the mere \”meteor\” that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs. If that\’s the case, and this new \”moon\” is so small, how can they justify calling it a moon? And how many of the other Saturnian moons fall into the same category? Most of them, I reckon.

Yet the scientists seem to be falling over themselves to increase the number count, according the title to every tidgy little rock they find orbiting the planet. Ironic, isn\’t it, considering the rush by most of them a while back to strip Pluto of its status as a planet? If Pluto isn\’t a planet, then this menagerie of large boulders is no more a retinue of moons than I am.

You\’d think they\’d at least have the decency to be consistent, wouldn\’t you?





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