Christmas Comes Early – Santa\’s Bringing Me 19 Issues of Spaceship Away

I joined the Spaceship Away group over on John Freeman\’s excellent Down the Tubes forum a while back in preparation for my first subscription/purchase of Spaceship Away. I\’ve been following the magazine very closely since the early days (still have some of the fliers that they sent me) and have always intended to subscribe, but a seemingly endless parade of Real Life crap and tragedies over the past few years has always diverted me at crucial moments.

Well, this morning, I said, \”To hell with it\”, bit the bullet, and ponied up for the entire run of Spaceship Away. This was the fourth and final part of a humongous early Christmas present to myself (nobody else buys me any pressies, do they? Boo, hoo, hoo!), which started off with sending off for the entire run from #1 to the present (Vol 2 #4) of Dangerous Ink, catching up with the last couple of issues of Andersonic (I have an otherwise complete run), catching up with the six back issues of Crikey! that I was missing plus placing a sub for the next six issues, and, finally, that enormous run of Spaceship Away from #1 up to the yet-to-be-released #21.

My credit card/wallet is a lot emptier now, but what\’s money for, if not to spend on stuff like this, eh? I now have all this incredible reading material plus, lots of lovely food and booze to tide me over Christmas. And, on top of that, I\’ll have everything I need to take part in John\’s discussions over in the Spaceship Away group on Down the Tubes. I just can\’t wait for these goodies to arrive. At the moment, I\’m a real happy bunny. 🙂





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