Classic Tunes: \”Disorder\” by Joy Division

I\’m sitting here on New Year\’s Eve, with barely ten minutes to go before 2014 is upon us, listening to some excellent music. At the moment, it\’s Joy Division\’s classic post-punk anthem 1979 debut album, Unknown Pleasures, released on the fledgling Factory Records indie label.

Playing right now is the first track, and one of my favourite tracks on the album, \”Disorder\”. This one sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album. It\’s fast and emotionally charged, with Bernard Sumner\’s aggressive, distorted guitars assaulting us in powerful, short riffs, Peter Hook\’s driving, pulsating base providing the rhythm, backed up by Stephen Morris\’ rhythmic, almost robotic, pounding drums. And over everything, Ian Curtis\’ powerful, monotone baratone voice driving the song forward.

This deliciously chaotic tune is a great way to begin such an innovative, classic album. Joy Division, despite their tragically short career (only two studio albums, a live album and a handful of singles), are one of my favourite groups of all time, true pioneers of the post-punk/proto-goth scene. I can listen to this song (and the whole album) over and over again without ever getting fed up with it.

I feel a review of Unknown Pleasures coming up!






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