Classic Tunes: \”Separate Ways\” by Journey

I\’m sitting back at the moment, relaxing, and listening to one of the greatest arena rock albums of all time, the classic 1983 six-times platinum masterpiece, FRONTIERS, by US band Journey, which came out on the Columbia Records label.

This is one of my all-time favourite rock albums, and is, in my opinion, Journey\’s strongest album, surpassing even their previous album, the 1981 classic nine-times platinum ESCAPE.

There isn\’t a single bad song on FRONTIERS (even the \”weaker\” songs are good), but one of the best is the song that is currently playing, the first track on the album, \”Separate Ways\”. This is a truly powerful rock song, pounding drums, driving keyboards and guitars, and above it all, Steve Perry\’s gorgeous, soaring vocals. Sheer bliss!

This is an excellent, strong intro to a fantastic rock album. It\’s also gratifying to know that it ISN\’T all downhill from here, and that the rest of the album is just as good.






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