Sunday TV Viewing

I\’m just having a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon here, chillin\’, sitting at my computer and watching some TV. Sunday is always good for sci-fi films on UK television, and today has been no exception.

I\’ve just spent the past few hours watching the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman\’s Stardust (2007). I\’ve got the novel and the graphic novel, but have only ever managed to catch bits \’n\’ pieces of the film before. Well, I caught it all today, and it wasn\’t bad. Not bad at all. Quite humorous in parts, and less mainstream fantasy than the likes of Lord of the Rings, which suits me fine.

The two leads, Claire Danes and Charlie Cox, as love interests Yvaine and Tristan, were pretty good, as was Mark Strong as the nasty bad guy Prince Septimus. But the best of the lot were Michelle Pfeiffer as the evil witch Lamia, and Robert de Niro as the hilariously camp Captain Shakespeare. He was brilliant, and absolutely stole the show for me.

At the moment, I\’m watching The Incredible Hulk (2008) on ITV2, whilst right now, over on Channel 5, is the very weird Zathura (2005), by the same guys who brought us Jumanji (1995). And that will be followed when it finishes by The Fifth Element (1997). Non-stop sci-fi film goodness, on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Choices, choices. It\’s a pity that there aren\’t several of me, so that I could watch them all at the same time in different rooms. 🙂


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