Some Nice Saturday Night Viewing

[I]t\’s been an interesting Saturday evening so far on the television. I\’ve been watching a couple of interesting sci-fi items which are helping wile away some time before I head out for my customary Saturday night out on the town.

First up was The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who Part 2. The first part was a detailed look at the history of the Doctors and their companions, enemies and adventures during the Classic Series. Tonight\’s second part was another hour long examination of the Doctor\’s life, this time starting with Paul McGann and working through the first three Doctors of the new series.

Right now, I\’m watching a very good time travel film, Looper (2012), a nice, twisty, paradox-y time travel tale. There are a few big-name actors in this one, including Bruce Willis, Jeff Daniels, Emily Blunt and Joseph-Gordon Lovett. It\’s just ended a minute ago, and I gotta say that I didn\’t see that one coming. 🙂


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