The Blogging Life – My Experiences With WordPress, Part Two

In Part One, I recounted the rise and demise of my first blog,, between 2007 and 2009. I made the first post to that blog on May 3rd, 2007, and the final post on October 29th, 2007, so I was actually only posting for a few days short of six months. The blog itself lasted for almost two years before being taken permanently offline by the collapse of the webhost, Centrica Hosting, in early 2009. So, for the last year and a half of its life, it was actually inactive, with no posts being made to it at all.

In stark contrast to, I\’d set up this blog (originally titled the GrumpyOldGeek blog – it\’s had a couple of different names over the years before settling finally on its current title Tales of Time & Space back in 2012) on at the exact same time as, but solely for the purpose of getting the API key for the self-hosted blog. Once that was done, the blog became pretty much irrelevant, as I was focusing on my much more powerful, more flexible blog, my only real (blogging) concern at that time. So I walked off and left the blog without so much as making a post.

Actually, that\’s not entirely true. I did make a couple of posts to the blog, the first one on June 3rd, 2007, exactly a month after my first post to, and a second six days later, on June 9th. But these posts were insubstantial, silly, lame, half-assed, basically just ANY old rubbish to get something up on this blog. Then I walked off again, and didn\’t come back to my blog for nearly three years.

When I did come back to blogging again, it had been almost exactly four years since my son had died, and I thought that I\’d take another crack at it. However, I was unwilling (luckily, as it turned out) to go down the self-hosted route again. But I had this old blog sitting there on, totally unused for almost three years. Why not make use of it? So I made one post in February 2010, two posts in March and one in April, the last three all part of the lengthy \”It\’s A Geek\’s Life\” trilogy, and certainly far more substantial and interesting efforts than the two pieces of fluff that I\’d posted back in June 2007. Certainly the fact that those three posts were far superior to the first two indicated favourable things about my improving state of mind. But I was still suffering badly from depression, and having major problems focusing and committing myself to anything. It was obvious that I was still deep in the bereavement phase (still am today, more than nine years after his death – I just handle it much better these days), and it was still too soon after the death of my son to commit myself to something like this.

So I disappeared AGAIN, this time not returning to my blog until more than two and a half years later, in December 2012. This time I was stronger, I was ready for it, and I was back to stay. I renamed and refocused the blog, and started posting regularly (I haven\’t missed posting at least once a month since December 2012), and effectively turned Tales of Time & Space into my main blog, despite running a number of other blogs \”on the side\”. I have one other blog on, three on Blogger, and my second self-hosted WordPress blog, SF Universe, which I started around the same time as I relaunched this one, back at the end of 2012.

Tales of Time & Space and SF Universe are multitopic blogs, and all posts made to one are also made to the other, essentially providing a back-up of the blog posts. The other four blogs are all single-topic blogs. I STILL don\’t trust self-hosted blogs, after what happened to back in 2009, so I regard this one to be my main blog, rather than SF Universe, which I can experiment with at my leisure. That\’s quite a change from the rather dismissive way that I used to regard this blog, but I\’ve learned from my past mistakes, and I won\’t repeat them again. This blog is now my main blog because it provides security, and will always be here, even if the unthinkable happens again, and history repeats itself with my second self-hosted blog also vanishing without warning. A blog on a big platform like is highly unlikely to just up and disappear on me someday, the way some self-hosted blogs do, although Dreamhost, the ISP with whom I have my hosting plan, is a reputable company who have been around a few years. No more cowboy resellers for me! I\’ve learned a LOT over the past few years.

All of which now brings me back full circle, to the first paragraph of Part One, where I said that I had found all the back-up files and databases from my old blog. Well, the good news is that I\’ve decided to import all of the posts from, rather than leaving them to gather cobwebs on my hard drive. These posts really should see the light of day again, despite the fact that they are quite different in look and feel to the other posts on this blog – the posts to during those early days tended to be short, snappy, single subject posts, often just casual throwaway observations and comments, and totally unlike the much longer, more detailed posts that I tend to make these days. It\’ll be interesting to compare them.

I\’ve already tried importing the database, but that didn\’t work – those old WordPress databases are .sql format, and incompatible with the modern .xml databases – so the only way now is to import all of the posts, one at a time (there\’s only forty-two of them), and altering the dates so they are archived with the same dates that they originally appeared on (I\’ve already started on this). If this works, I might even start digging out posts from other defunct blogs that I\’ve had over the years, and import those as well. Tales of Time & Space will become the \”One Blog to Rule Them All\”. 🙂

After all these years, it\’ll be extremely gratifying to see the posts from resurrected and integrated as part of Tales of Time & Space. And one thing\’s for sure – the archives for 2007 will definitely become a lot more interesting and overcrowded than they are at present. 🙂






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