Doctor Who: The Witch\’s Familiar is On TV Tonight!

The Witch\’s Familiar, Part Two of the Doctor Who season opening double-parter, airs on BBC One at 7.45pm tonight. It\’ll be interesting to see how things turn out for Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Missy (Michelle Gomez), and how the complex relationship between the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Davros (Julian Bleach) may or may not have begun. And the Daleks. Oh, yes, let\’s not forget the Daleks! 🙂

Given how good Part One, The Magician\’s Apprentice was, I\’m really looking forward to tonight\’s episode, while hoping that it lives up to the potential of the first one. In general, I greatly prefer two and three-parters to single episodes, as they are less rushed and give a lot more scope for story and character development. However, an unfortunate tendency of the Moffat-era two-parters is that they have great first parts, but slightly disappointing second parts, which almost always fail to live up to promise of the first episode.

Here\’s hoping that The Witch\’s Familiar does not fall into that trap, and turns out to be a cracker.


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