6 GREAT SHORT NOVELS OF SCIENCE FICTION (1954) edited by Groff Conklin


For this post, we have an anthology, this one from 1954. It\’s another from one of the old dependables and one of my own personal favourite anthologists, Groff Conklin.

This anthology is a paperback, published by Dell, one of their Dell First Edition range, number D9, to be precise. It\’s billed as \”six short novels by six masters of imaginative storytelling\”. One of the six is a long novella (98 pages), and the other five are all short novellas, and one long novelette, spanning 49-58 pages in length, from shortest story to longest.


EDITED BY: Groff Conklin
CATEGORY: Short Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback, 384 pages
PUBLISHER: Dell First Edition, New York, 1954.

CONTENTS (6 Stories)

  • Introduction by Groff Conklin
  • \”The Blast\” by Stuart Cloete (novella, Collier\’s, April 1946)
  • \”Coventry\” by Robert A. Heinlein (novella, Astounding Science Fiction, July 1940)
  • \”The Other World\” by Murray Leinster (novella, Startling Stories, November 1949)
  • \”Barrier\” by Anthony Boucher (novella, Astounding Science Fiction, September 1942)
  • \”Surface Tension\” by James Blish (novelette, Galaxy, August 1952)
  • \”Maturity\” by Theodore Sturgeon (novella, Astounding Science Fiction, February 1947)

The first story, \”The Blast\”, is a bit of an oddity, as it\’s by a writer that I\’ve never heard of, Stuart Cloete, and it didn\’t even appear in one of the science fiction magazines, but rather in an April 1946 edition of Collier\’s, one of the big mass market, general magazines, which was published in the US between 1888 and 1957.

The other five stories are all from science fiction magazines, Astounding, Galaxy and Startling Stories, and all spanning the years 1940-1952. I\’m familiar with three of them (Leinster, Boucher and Blish), and they\’re old favourites of mine, although it\’s many years since I\’ve read any of them. The titles of the Heinlein and Sturgeon stories vaguely ring a bell for me, so I may or may not have read them at some point in distant past, but I recall absolutely nothing about them.

Quite an interesting anthology of stories. Should be fun reading this one.


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