Reading SF: Galactic North, by Alastair Reynolds

Now Reading: Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds

I\’ve just bought a very nice collection of SF stories by leading British/Welsh \”hard\” SF author Alastair Reynolds. A signed 1st edition hardcover of Galactic North, a collection of stories set in his Revelation Space universe. I\’ve been a fan of Alastair\’s SF going right back to \”Spirey and the Queen\” in Interzone 108 (June 1996). I began to take note of any other Reynolds stories that appeared, but it was with \”Galactic North\” in Interzone 145 that he became one of my favourite SF authors.

It was like being shot between the eyes, and just pushed all the right buttons for me. The blend of hard SF and exciting action adventure was like a breath of fresh air, and I began to hunt eagerly for every SF magazine that I could find containing Alastair Reynolds stories, followed by every Reynolds novel that was released. At the time, I didn\’t realise it, but this was the real start of my love affair with the then-relatively new sub-genre of New Space Opera.

Now I\’m delighted to get my sweaty, eager paws on Galactic North, his first collection. I\’ve already read almost everything in this, with the exception of the newer stories, but it\’s really nice to get all of these Revelation Space stories in one lovely hardback book, instead of having to hunt through back issues of SF magazines such as Interzone, Asimov\’s SF and Spectrum SF for individual stories. A must for all Alastair Reynolds fans, and I\’d recommend it to any fans of hard SF and ripping yarns who may have had the misfortune to not have read any Reynolds yet.

Now I have to find Zima Blue and Other Stories, his second collection, this time of a selection of his non-Revelation Space short fiction. Hopefully, some of these days, we\’ll finally see all of his short fiction collected in book form.


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