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[I]\’d like to welcome anyone who is reading this to SF Universe. The SF Universe blog is, as the name would suggest, a geek blog, and very heavily oriented towards all things science fiction, although there are also many other things that I\’m interested in. Here are some of the things which will be featuring in the blog:

SF in books, the Real Deal, proper science fiction in literary form, from the Scientific Romances of the Nineteenth Century to the most modern SF novels and short fiction.

Sci-fi on television, otherwise known as telefantasy. The best in television sci-fi series from the end of the 1940s (Captain Video and His Video Rangers) to the newest TV sci-fi of the Twenty-First Century.

Sci-fi at the cinema, the best SF, fantasy and horror films on the Big Screen and DVD, spanning more than a century from the very first sci-fi film (Georges Méliès\’ Le Voyage dans la Lune) in 1902 to the present.

Comics and Graphic Novels, another big interest of mine. Sci-fi comics, superhero comics, manga and more, original comics, hardback/trade paperback collections and OGNs (original graphic novels), I\’ll be discussing all of those in upcoming posts.

Science, particularly Palaeontology, Geology, Evolution, Biology, and Bioengineering, Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Exploration and Cosmology. I\’ve always been fascinated by science, particularly those branches mentioned here.

History of all kinds, both modern and ancient. It doesn\’t matter to me how far we go back, as I\’ve never paid any attention to the history/prehistory division. It\’s all \”the past\” to me. I\’ll also lump anything to do with Archaeology and Anthropology in this section, as they are closely related topics. Take things right back to the beginnings of civilization and beyond, right back to the earliest developments of the human race, our first appearance as a species on Planet Earth.

Computers, desktop publishing, computer graphics, computer animation, the internet, blogging and web design, all of these are (relatively, compared to those above, all of which I\’ve followed since childhood) more recent interests of mine, computers since the mid-1980\’s and the internet since 1995. But they still manage to eat up about 90% of my leisure time these days.

The bulk of the posts will obviously be on the subjects of SF literature, sci-fi television and cinema, and comics, but there\’ll be occasional posts on the other topics mentioned above as well. All the above, and much more, are fair game for various posts and articles, and most of these topics have categories of their own. Indeed virtually anything that tickles my fancy is ripe for discussion, and anything that doesn’t fit into the regular categories can be found under General.


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