Welcome to Science Fiction Reader

Welcome to the new Science Fiction Reader blog.

This blog is focused solely on science fiction literature, and is intended to review and recommend the best – in other words, my favourite 🙂 – SF anthologies and single-author short fiction collections that I\’ve come across over the years, as well as any new material that I happen to read along the way. There will, of course, be the occasional posting about individual short stories, novelettes and novellas (and the VERY occasional novel, although I tend to read very few of those these days).

As such, the nature of these blog posts will be very subjective, focused purely on what I like, rather than made up from lists of mainstream \”Best-Sellers\” (I read very few Best-Sellers, to be honest). There are numerous blogs and websites \”out there\” reviewing the best of current mainstream SF&F, and I don\’t intend to reinvent the wheel. I want this site to be something different, an individual fan\’s (that\’s me) totally subjective views on the SF that he has read over the years.

My own tastes in SF are very heavily biased towards short fiction and older/classic SF, so those tastes will be reflected in the posts that I make here. I have a huge collection of SF novels, individual author short story collections, and anthologies of short fiction by a range of various authors, some of them very old and remembered only by a few of the \”wrinklies\” out there. So there will be no shortage of material to review.

I also have some pretty eclectic and obscure tastes when it comes to older SF, so there will be quite a few posts spotlighting \”forgotten\” gems from the earlier days of the genre, as I attempt to bring them not only to the attention of the younger generation of SF readers who have never seen these stories before, but also to jog the memories of older readers who might have read some of these stories way back at the dawn of time.

I\’m a huge fan of Classic Space Opera, Hard SF, and their modern mutant offspring, New Space Opera. I absolutely LOVE New Space Opera! It\’s easily my favourite sub-genre of modern SF. So there will obviously be a few posts featuring some of the best new releases in New Space Opera novels and short fiction.

Okay, I\’m off now to do some reading. I\’ll not be making many reviews if I sit around here all day yapping. 🙂





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