Doctor Who: 50 Years in Space & Time (Part 9)

Here\’s the next part of my look back at the Best of the Bunch from Doctor Who\’s 50th Anniversary:

  • The Night of the Doctor – mini-episode prequel
  • The Last Day – mini-episode prequel

8. The Night of the Doctor

Commemorating Doctor Who\’s 50th Anniversary, and the first of two very good mini-episode prequels to The Day of the Doctor is The Night of the Doctor, which was released on Youtube and BBC iPlayer on 14th November. At less than seven minutes long, it is an excellent swansong for the Paul McGann Doctor and as an introduction to the War Doctor. It was also nice to see the Sisterhood of Karn make a reappearance again, as we hadn\’t seen them since the Tom Baker era. Both McGann and the Sisterhood should have been given more airtime in past Doctor Who series, so it was nice to see them again, and particularly in McGann\’s case, to see him have a nice, much-deserved regeneration scene at last.

9. The Last Day

The second of the two mini-episode prequels to The Day of the Doctor, and, at under four minutes, even shorter than The Night of the Doctor, is The Last Day, which first appeared on YouTube and BBC iPlayer on 21st November. Seen from the point of view of a Time Lord soldier wearing a headcam, this one elaborates on the \”fall of Arcadia\” during the Time War. The sequence with the commander bragging about the supposedly impenetrable \”sky trenches\” and Arcadia being \”the safest place on Gallifrey\” illustrates the overconfidence and complacency of the Time Lords. When the Daleks burst through in large numbers, I was almost cheering them on. 🙂

To Be Continued…


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