Happy 50th Anniversary, Lost in Space!


Here\’s yet another anniversary, hot on the heels of Star Trek\’s 49th. This time, it\’s the 50th Anniversary of Lost in Space. I remember spending quite a few Friday evenings and (later) Sunday mornings watching re-runs of this on UK television during the early 1970s.

Irwin Allen series were VERY popular on UK television during the late 60s and throughout the 70s, usually on ITV, in opposition to the likes of Star Trek and Doctor Who, which were the mainstays on the \”other channel\”, BBC One (we only had three channels on UK television back then).

Happy 50th Birthday to the Robinson family, Doctor Smith (\”Oh the pain, the pain\”) and the robot.

Again, this one comes courtesy of a reblog from Trek-extraordinaire author Dayton Ward and his excellent The Fog of Ward blog. Go read this blog. Seriously.





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    Thanks for the signal boost!

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      Phil Friel

      No problem, Dayton. 🙂

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